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We Apek Translation Service, we are working with many Multinational Companies , E commerce websites, Mining Industry , NGOs , Commercial Industry and Media Banks, Multimedia Companies, Study and work abroad consultants, Hospitals and Labs.


International Standard Translation in Kyrgyzstan TRANSLATION FOR INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS, EUROPEAN AND INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTIONS. We specialize in translating administrative, financial, and legal documents and reports associated with international organizations: International Financial Institutions (IMF, World Bank), United Nations agencies (OMS, Unesco), European institutions, NGOs, etc. We rely on a network of professional trusted translators specializing in these fields, each of whom has vast professional experience working with international organizations and a deep knowledge of their needs and work methodologies.

IT Companies

Our intuitive translation platform allows companies of any size to order cost-efficient translations from professional translators.

Translation for Mining and Geological Exploration

Mining and exploration industry enterprises produce multiple documents in various formats. Such documents cover crucial aspects of enterprise operation, from design and technical, to legal and general business documentation. We offer professional translation services(more than 57 languages) for the following types of documents: Drafts, drawings, layout plans, specifications, Basic and Detailed design documentation. Geological, geophysical, hydrogeological, environmental reports and surveys. Mining and exploration licenses, legislative acts and provisions.

Medical Centers and Hospitals

Foreign Companies
Local and International Banks
Educational Consultants
International Employment Agencies
Telecommunication sector companies {Internet service providers (ISPs)}
Research Institutes
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Апек Переводческая компания. НАШИ КЛИЕНТЫ. Internation Standard Translation in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.